Bluetooth LE with Cyanogenmod 11 on Droid RAZR M

So I was trying to figure out how exactly I could get my Droid RAZR M to recognize a Bluetooth LE (4.0) device and after a lot of searching, this is what I found.

  1. Download this file to your device: android.hardware.bluetooth_le.xml
  2. Open up RootExplorer (or any other file manager you would like) and copy the file to /etc/permissions/
  3. Change the permissions on the file to 644 or rw-r–r–
  4. Reboot
  5. Enjoy!

Right now you have to do this every time you update your CM install but I’m working on a init script that will do it for you. Until then, this should work.


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Hi there, I have a Droid RAZR M, got a fitbit and now the bluetooth isn't the low powered one so won't pair. The link provided says 'temporarily n/a, check back soon' when I open it on my phone. Any other solutions!? Kindest regards
7 years ago

Funcionou perfeitamente em meu Razr HD com CM11. Muito obrigado!
7 years ago

[…] gebracht. ich musste lediglich ein xml file ersetzen und neue permissions setzen... siehe hier: Rui Da Costa | Bluetooth LE with Cyanogenmod 11 on Droid RAZR M […]
7 years ago

Thank you ver y muchos dude!! Now i can pair my smartband :)
7 years ago

Worked with CM11 on my Galaxy TAB 2 10.1 p5110! Thanks a lot.
7 years ago

Hey, Thanks for posting this. I just tried it on my Droid Razr Maxx (XT912), running CM 10.2 but now the Bluetooth won't switch on. I guess I'll try CM 11 Snapshot build and see what happens.
8 years ago

Gerhard Hintermayer
Thx. Was about to return my Wahoo Blue HR, but now I'm happy. cm11-20140319-NIGHTLY-moto_msm8960 @Motorola Razr HD
8 years ago

Lionel Ratel France
Great work ! This file is on my Razr HD, it work with a fitbit flex and a special fitbit mod from xda dev. Merci beaucoup
8 years ago

Chris Clouse
Worked great for me too. Thanks a lot. Been trying to get this to work since I got my fitbit.
8 years ago

Francesco Andrisani
Great Work!! I've tested on RAZR HD CM11 and it work very very fine!! Thanks a lot
8 years ago

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