Web App Usability Tips

So a few days ago the PR lady at my company asked me to give some info for a blog article about some good practices for web apps. Today that article got published, yay! You can read it here and this is the gist:

Font treatments font type, font sizing, character spacing, colors
Content is king. If your content is unreadable, from a visual standpoint, users will just move along. Studies have shown that there are variety of ‘optimal’ reading conditions for content and that when you make adjustments to any one of these characteristics, you should make changes to all of them.

Whitespace line spacing, spacing between elements
Recently sites like https://exposure.so/ and https://medium.com/ have been praised for there use of whitespace. A clean design is easy to navigate, keeps users engaged and, once again, is readable.

Consistency interface lines, element locations, colors
If you have an interface where things are consistently in specific places it makes it easy for your users to interact without fear of getting lost. When a user gets lost they get frustrated and a frustrated user isn’t going to continue to use your site or app or whatever product you’re trying to give them.


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