Typing from the new tablet

So far, so good. Still need to get used to the form factor but I do think that I will be enjoying having this for a simple pick up and go.



Can I use solar power yet?

I was talking to Gretchen the other day about this and really it’s just frustrating. Yes solar panels are much cheaper now than they have been in the past. And yes they are a bit more efficient as well. But realistically…they’re still not that cheap OR efficient.

I just looked up some efficiency ratings for panels and the best we can do right now…is 17%. 17%! Seriously! There are other systems out there that have the ability to do 30%, but those are so far off from being consumer ready that it’s just frustrating.

Anyone else want better, cheaper solar power? Anyone?


Apple this. Apple that.

I just wanted to see if anyone else thinks that Apple seems to be at the center of every freaking argument these days. I read articles on tech sites like Techcrunch, Engadget, and The Verge and I’m noticing a pattern: everything comes down to Apple. To be honest, I’m not an Apple hater, or a Microsoft junkie or even an Phandroid, I like technology. I think that if everyone focused on what one company is doing in the space…there goes the spark.

So I say…shut up already. Talk about something else and start innovating more. I want my hover board please.