Christmas 2013 – Stop #1

The epic week that is Christmas has commenced. First stop is Rotterdam to drop Gretchen off at her parents’ house. This ends up being a very convenient stop from Rochester to my parents’ place in Westchester.

One of the best things about the holidays is seeing all of our family. This includes this adorable little girl, Nora.


Stay tuned for more from the holiday!



Made some updates to my portfolio. Realize that I’ve been neglecting this site and probably should do something about it. Take a look and let me know.


Startup Bus 2013

So for those of you who might not know, there is this thing called The Startup Bus¬†which is basically a competition to create the best product/service/app/site/whatever in 3 days, all while traveling to Texas…in a bus…with a bunch of strangers. I recently sent in my application as well as had an interview with the NYC bus’ conductor. This is one of my many pleas to get on that bus. If you have an idea or simply want to live vicariously through me on this trip, put it on the internet so they understand how badly I want this.